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2014 Bible-inspired Creative Writing Contest Guidelines


**Please read Contest Guidelines carefully as submissions that do not conform to all guidelines will be disqualified.The organizer reserves all forms of copyright of the winning entries and may adapt and publish them without prior notification to winners. The organizer reserves the right to interpret and revise all rules and regulations without prior notification. The organizer has the right to request supporting evidence from winners as proof of identity.

The objectives of this contest are to introduce the cultural significance of the English Bible, its application in modern day English language and to promote the inter-disciplinary study of Biblical literature and English literature


 General Eligibility


1. Entries must be submitted electronically.
-All writing submissions should meet the following formatting guidelines:
-12 point type, double-spaced.
-A cover page must appear as the first page of the document. The cover page much include the author's name, home address, a valid e-mail -address, phone number, HKID number, name of school/institution (or organisation you work with), category of entry and title of entry.
-The upper right corner of each page of the entry must include TITLE OF ENTRY and PAGE NUMBER.
-With the exception of the cover page, the author's name should not appear anywhere on the entry itself.
-Attachments must be submitted as Microsoft Word Documents (.doc) only.

2. Language required: English

3. Maximum length:
1,000 words


Theme: The theme for 2014 is Peace and Justice.

Use biblical stories, idioms or phrases listed in our website  as your source of inspiration to produce a piece of creative writing, which can be poetry, prose, short story, etc.
5. Entries should be submitted to



  1. The judges are professionals in the field of creative writing and biblical literature. The decisions of the judges are final.

    Prof. David Jasper, Professor in Literature and Theology, University of Glasgow, UK

    Rev. Mickey Mak Ming Ki, Pastor, E.F.C.C. Tsim Fook Church

    Dr Cynthia Li, Associate Professor, Centre for Applied English Studies, University of Hong Kong

    Mrs Julia Wan, Part-time lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, HKBU

    Dr Anne Ma, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Hong Kong Institute of Education

    Mrs Anne Tam, English Teacher, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School, Hong Kong
  1. Criteria
·         Originality
·         Style
·         Vocabulary
·         Grammatical Accuracy
·         Naturalness in the use of Biblical idioms and phrases
·         Theological depth



Prizes for Public:
  1. Champion : HK$2,000 cash, books from China Alliance Press
  2. First runner up: HK$1000 cash, books from China Alliance Press
  3. Second runner up: HK$800 cash, books from China Alliance Press
  4. Meritorious award: HK$500 cash, books from China Alliance Press



Society for English Learning through Biblical Literature (SELBL) assumes no responsibility for lost, misdirected or stolen entries. SELBL reserves the right to edit for spelling and grammatical errors. Entries will be screened for proper submission procedures and will be rejected if they do not meet the general eligibility or the specific entry requirements.

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